Paola Simeone

“I have always had a dream: making special bags for special people.”

The handcrafted bags’ brand Paola Simeone springs out of a long cherished dream: “Before starting making bags,” the designer Paola Simeone from Verona, Italy, says “I had been working in Arts and Museums. Beauty: this is what I have been always looking for. My dream was always there, and at a certain stage of my life I decided to try and make it come true.”

She worked as an apprentice in leather workshops, side-by-side with the finest artisans, walking in the footsteps of master craftsmen and designers: all of this has been a precious training in a specific know-how – creating things with your own hands. This training allowed Paola to finally give birth to her project: creating – and actually making – handmade, 100% Italian, bags: high-end quality pieces affordable to as many people as possible; to put it in her own words: “Affordable to special people.”

Careful and expert hands, and traditional knowledge and techniques, paired with a dedicated research and innovation both in design and materials are now the flagship for Paola Simeone brand.

Paola loves to mix up with people, keep a keen eye on urban styles and trends, while at the same time feeling herself almost wrapped in colours playing with each other, materials, different tastes, looks and expressions of human personalities.
“From all of this” she comments “I keep what I really need in order to re-work details in my own artistic register, so that what I finally achieve is ‘my own’ bag, made out of Paola Simeone’s distinctive style.”
Her creations are therefore the outcome of her emotional world rather than fashion’s ever-changing canons.

This is how Paola Simeone’s bag are born: often with a hint of vintage soul; soft though essential, sometimes minimalist, and clean, neatly shaped. They are all made with the finest leathers, manufactured with painstaking attention and care: unique pieces, exclusive, different from each other, and ‘limited-edition.’

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