History of the brand
Born in 2021 Pintorie aims to bring in fashion a sustainable and more aware ethic.
Trough technical innovation we discover the recipe to imprint the nature surrounding us into our garments in a natural and organic way.

Who we are
We prioritize the essence of family over business, operating from the vibrant heart of
Fueled by three generations and 60 years of experience we provide the finest Italian textile manufacturing creating garments that possess a distinct character and spirit, inspired by the colors of nature.

What we do
One of a kind eco print garment made by the most talented Italian artisans.
Our products are died using natural materials such as flowers, leaves, roots, fruits and much more
with the minimum usage of water and 0 chemicals
in all the process.

Why we do it
Pintorie intertwines the creation of extraordinary value garments with the awareness that each of our choices produces ethical and ecological consequences around us,
acting concretely to allow everyone to wear durable and sustainable garments to recognize themselves, without wastes or ambiguity.

Pintorie is technical innovation for a sustainable future.

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