Osvaldo Montalbano and Cristiana Erbetta participate in La Stanza with the realisation of independent projects and by offering their creativity in interpreting and transforming into images the message that La Stanza wants to communicate. Cristiana Erbetta created the logo for the Stanza and has been responsible for the graphics of the ‘events’ since 2015.

Osvaldo Montalbano

Montalbano’s career in fashion spans a period of over thirty years, going back to 1981 when he opened his first dressmaking shop. He has taken part to European fashion events, including the 1990 Festival International de la Mode in Hyères, where he was awarded the French Fashion Journalists’ Special Prize. In 1998 he was invited to exhibit at Musée de la Mode et du Costume in Paris.
He worked for several years designing costumes for theatre and ballet before returning to dressmaking. His interest in the language of apparel rather than in fashion trends translates into a visionary approach in designing everyday garments. Over the years, the minimalist rigour that was the original trademark of his creations has been enlivened with a dash of irony.
His clothes are all unique pieces.

[Credits photo – Oscar Bernelli]

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Non tutto a posto

InDetail is a creation by Lucia Sandrini, 35 years old based in Brescia, in the north of Italy.
First she studied Industrial Design and then Fashion Design, she strongly believes in the values of Made in Italy. Her mission is to combine the concept of functionality with minimal beauty and high quality.
She currently collaborates on the style of Annalisa knitwear.

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