The Mediterranean spirit of Alessandro Fornasiero and the Japanese charm of his wife Madoka, he comes from a Neapolitan goldsmith tradition handed down for 4 generations, she who expresses her elegance and Japanese minimalism in fashion designs, have come together to give life to Yuriko , the girl of a hundred imperfections.

Yuriko represents their union, as a couple and in style.

Handcrafted jewels created entirely in Milan where they are designed, modeled, cast, set and polished. Made one by one, never the same because they follow the shapes of gems, pearls, left in their raw state as elements of nature not affected by the work of the lapidary, which inspire their lines and geometries.

Bronze, an ancient alloy, also loved by sculptors combines the ductility of processing with warm color and allows goldsmith creativity to be released, untying it from a necessarily precious and polished metal.

In a Yuriko jewel, ancient processing techniques are recovered, proposed by following contemporary trends that express the exclusivity of a jewel in the particularity of being unique.

Japanese art with its lightness and order together with the symbolism and preciousness of the Neapolitan school create an igikai for the gem and for those who have the pleasure of wearing it.

Owning a Yuriko jewel means finding the perfect in the imperfect and feeling that you have connected yourself with the world of nature and transform yourself with it every day.